Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi is a renowned global relationship expert, distinguished TV host, and accomplished author of the #1 International Best Selling Book, “Five Pillars of Relationship Equity.” With a stellar reputation in his field, Dr. Femi has garnered widespread recognition for his expertise in cultivating healthy and fulfilling relationships. His profound insights have earned him extensive media coverage, with appearances on notable platforms including NBC, ABC, FOX NEWS, The New York Weekly, USA TODAY Magazine, and many others. Dr. Femi’s expertise has also been sought after on prestigious stages such as TEDx, where his captivating speech titled “How To Tell If Someone Truly Loves You” has garnered over 5 million views and continues to amass an additional 100,000 views each month.

Dr. Femi Ogunjinmi is not only a respected global relationship expert but also the visionary founder of National Relationship Equity Day, an esteemed organization dedicated to raising national awareness on June 24th each year. This significant day serves as a catalyst for eradicating gender inequity within relationships and advocating for the recognition of gifts, values, skill sets, constraints, and interests as the defining factors in relationship roles, rather than gender stereotypes. Through his pioneering efforts, Dr. Femi has spearheaded a movement that challenges traditional norms and promotes equitable dynamics in relationships. By empowering individuals to transcend gender-based expectations, he strives to create a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Global Relationship Expert | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker | Licensed Wedding Officiant

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